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Root Canal in Barrie

What Is a Root Canal?

When your tooth’s pulp is damaged due to injury or severe decay, a root canal becomes essential. This procedure serves as an alternative to tooth extraction, effectively eliminating pain. Typically completed in 1-2 appointments, the duration depends on the extent of the damage. 

Root canal treatment is a crucial procedure for treating severely decayed, infected, or broken teeth, preserving them for many more years. 

General Dentistry - Root Canal - What Is a Root Canal

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Understanding the Process

The root canal is a natural space within a tooth, and contains the pulp chamber, main canal, and the intricate branches that connect them. 

Procedure Overview: During the procedure, your dentist accesses the pulp chamber, revealing the root canals. The infected nerve is removed, and the canals are shaped to ensure no remaining pulp or infection. The dentist then uses special materials to seal the canals.   

Post-Treatment Consideration: After root canal therapy, teeth can become brittle, which can make them more prone to breakage. To prevent fracture, it’s recommended to restore the tooth with a crown or veneer. 

Why Choose Mapleview Family Dentistry?

At Mapleview Family Dentistry, we specialize in root canal procedures, understanding the complexity and challenges involved. We are dedicated to your dental health and comfort throughout this treatment. 

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