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Wisdom Teeth in Barrie

Wisdom Teeth Extraction: A Natural Transition to Optimal Dental Health

Wisdom teeth are the final set of adult teeth that emerge, typically in your late teens or early twenties. Often, there isn’t enough space for these wisdom teeth, which can cause misalignment or impacts on adjacent molars. In these cases, wisdom teeth extraction is essential for keeping your mouth healthy. 

General Dentistry - Wisdom Teeth-Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Toothache and inflammation in wisdom tooth. 3d illustration

How Wisdom Teeth Are Extracted

During regular dental check-ups in the teenage years, we actively monitor the development of wisdom teeth. If there’s a risk of these teeth impacting others, we recommend a carefully conducted tooth extraction surgery. Our goal is to remove wisdom teeth before they fully emerge; we do this through a surgical process that includes a gum incision. We ensure your comfort by using local anesthetic and sedation, as well as sutures that naturally dissolve while your gum tissue heals. 

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Post-Extraction Care

After your wisdom teeth are removed, you might experience swelling and discomfort. These are normal parts of healing from this surgery. We provide guidance on mouth care during the healing process and may prescribe pain medication for relief. 

Feel free to contact our office with any questions about wisdom teeth removal or to schedule an examination. Your comfort and well-being are paramount throughout this process, and we prioritize a smooth dental extraction procedure for optimal oral health. 

General Dentistry - Wisdom Teeth-Post-Surgery Care